1Heluva Scam
By: Bill E. Branscum
Copyright 2003

Is that you, Ian??

Investigator Ian Carter's opinion of www.ClickityCash.com and www.1heluva.com

I am Ian Carter, former UK Military and Foreign & Commonwealth Office security specialist, previously deployed in Europe, Mexico, Central America, Lebanon, Syria, Oman, UAE, Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. I have provided Close Protection to Members of the British Royal Family, Diplomats, and High Ranking Military personnel. Having conducted Covert Operations in Northern Ireland, Beirut, & Central America, I specialize in Covert Operations throughout the UK/USA/Middle East. Services include: Surveillance Operations - Anti-Terrorist Instruction - Close Protection - CQB - Internet Investigations - Computer Forensics & Data Recovery.

Bill Branscum mentioned this case in conversation with some of us who specialize in Internet crimes so I thought it worth a look, especially since Srock and his crew seem to think they can use threats and intimidation to keep their game afloat.

There's very little to say about Srock and his scams that has not been said. Fred Srock has managed to use modems and lines of electronic communication to share with everyone connected to the Internet the sort of thing better left to septic pipes.

Best Regards - Ian
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