1Heluva Scam
By: Bill E. Branscum
Copyright 2003

Investigator Jim Parker's opinion of www.ClickityCash.com and www.1heluva.com

I am Jim Parker, Chief Investigator of AXIS Investigative Services, Inc., a Florida licensed investigative agency specializing in online fraud and cyber-crime investigations. I have been specializing in Internet related crimes for several years, and have been recognized by the court as an expert witness in matters pertaining to Internet related crimes and Electronic Mail investigations.

I reviewed 2 web sites of Fred Srock, namely www.clickitycash.com, and www.1heluva.com at the behest of investigator Bill E. Branscum, whereby I was asked for my professional opinion on their content, and what these sites were apparently offering.

As most people know, anything that appears too good to be true when it comes to get-rich-quick schemes, especially those advertised on the Internet, generally are too good to be true, and Fred Srock's web sites certainly appear to be not only no exception, but are indeed a prime example of how the Internet has become a virtual playground for con men, thieves, vagabonds and scam artists.

At first glance, the first of the sites I reviewed, clickitycash.com, does appear to promise its members wondrous amounts of "cash" for doing nothing more than clicking some members' links on the web site. However, what is not so readily apparent, is that what you are actually getting in return for your investment, is "ClickityCash". Unfortunately, Walmart does not accept "ClickityCash" when you want to purchase toys for your kids at Christmas, and although Fred Srock does offer a means to pay for your membership by credit card, try telling MasterCard that you want to pay your bill this month with all the wonderful "ClickityCash" dollars you've gathered. Once they stop laughing, I'm sure they won't be too shy in telling you exactly what you can do with your "ClickityCash."

The main page of the site gives a clear indication of how much you can expect to earn as a member of the ClickityCash scheme. The site boasts that it "Pays out an average of $353 Every DAY!". However, while that does seem like a reasonably sizable amount of money, slightly further down the page, the site also boasts some 12,000 members. A simple calculation reveals that each member can expect the return on their investments to average just under $0.03 per day, or approximately $0.90 per month!! It is undetermined whether that $0.90 per month would be actual US Dollars, or worthless "ClickityCash."

A good example of the worth of "ClickityCash" can be found on pages of this site which Mr. Srock is apparently not so keen for prospective members to see, such as:

The above page, which doesn't appear to be listed anywhere on the visible pages of his site, will give you a good indication of the actual value of your prospective "return of investment." Should you have the time and patience to click links on the site until you are blue in the face, and manage to amass an impressive $2,000 in "ClickityCash," the actual sum you may receive in "RealCash" is a mammoth $10!! Certainly not enough to pay for your continued treatment for the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome brought on by clicking your mouse to death. It is also interesting to note the spelling of "RealCash," as all one word, instead of "Real Cash," which would indicate actual currency. It has yet to be determined if the "RealCash" advertised on that page is actually US Dollars, or just another form of something as comparatively worthless as "ClickityCash."

My use of the term "investment" above is also a relevant point. Some basic research shows the wording of the second site I reviewed, (www.1heluva.com) has recently undergone a change. In reviewing archives of this site (see screenshots 1, 2 & 3 - the originals having now been saved for evidentiary purposes), it is apparent that Mr. Srock was clearly advertising "investments," and refers to prospective members as "investors," with advertising phrases such as:

  • "Surf-For-Hits and Invest in Your Future"
  • "Where EVERY invested member who surfs is Guaranteed Monthly income."
  • "Richly rewarding Investment Program Guarantees Monthly Income"
  • "Purchase upgrades and advertising with your ROI (Return on Investment)!"
  • "...invest in our program and start earning a Return on Your Investment through 5 levels of referrals"
  • "Guaranteed Monthly Return On Investment (ROI) YOU Choose"

To my knowledge, Mr. Srock is not a registered securities broker, and as such, certainly appears to be acting in violation of state and federal law.

Both sites reviewed strike me as nothing more than elaborate Ponzi Schemes, whereby returns are paid to current investors, entirely out of future funds paid into the scheme by newer investors. Ponzi schemes, such as this one, are generally operated by a central company or person (Mr. Srock, in this instance). Unlike Pyramid schemes, Ponzi schemes don't necessarily involve any particular hierarchal structure. The "investments" are collected from new members by one individual, and a portion of these funds are generally used to pay the promised "Return of Investment" (ROI) to existing members. Ponzi schemes illegal; it's simple as that. Depending on their nature, they may also fall under statutes that address fraud or larceny, assuming there is intent to permanently separate the investors from their money, as certainly seems to be the case with Mr. Srock's schemes. What, in my opinion, makes Mr. Srock's schemes considerably worse than others that I have witnessed, is that the promised returns appear to be paid in virtually worthless "ClickityCash" dollars, instead of actual currency.

Based on the above, and Mr. Srock's apparent sale of unregistered securities, it would be my recommendation for Investigator Branscum to bring these sites, and Mr. Srock's activities to attention of the respective state, local and federal authorities for review.

Jim Parker
Chief Investigator

AXIS Investigative Services, Inc.


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